Hurricane Michael Special Weather Statement

CorelloHosting & CorelloNetworks Cable and Broadband are currently monitoring Hurricane Michael, and we are beginning preparations in order to minimize service disruptions to our customers in the event that this storm affects our service areas. Michael is a Category 3 Hurricane and is forecasted to impact…

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Web Hosting Control Panels – cPanel vs. Plesk

A web hosting control panel is an interface designed to ease the management of hosting services by providing centralized access to everything that’s needed – and without any technical/SSH experience required to maneuver around the panel. This makes hosting simpler…

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Hurricane Florence Special Weather Statement

Hurricane Florence Special Weather Statement relating to CorelloNetworks Customers.

Is your website secure? Google will be the judge

When browsing the internet, how often do you check the security of the website you are using? Submitting your information to an insecure website, or sometimes just clicking on one, increases the risk of your data being compromised by a…

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Understanding Security Concerns in Shared Hosting

When it comes to hosting your website, are you currently on a shared hosting plan? If so, then this means you are sharing a server with one or more other websites or entities. A lot of times, people will select…

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How to Run an ownCloud Server for You or Your Clients

It’s funny to think just a few years ago, we would carry with us USBs containing presentations, important documents, contracts, and other necessities. Nowadays, we count on cloud storage sites to take care of that. So what’s next in this…

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Top Reasons to Ditch Your Shared Hosting Service

When you’re in need of hosting, whether it be for a website or any other purpose, having a quality server is a must. After all, the right server will help to minimize downtime and ensure your users have the best…

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Climate Control in Data Centers: Why It Matters

When shopping for a dedicated server, it’s important to gather as much information not just about the server specs themselves, but about the data center where your server will be located. After all, even quality server hardware can suffer from poor…

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CorelloNetworks now offers Comcast and Verizon Cable TV services.

CorelloNetworks now offers Comcast and Verizon Cable TV services. CorelloHosting is proud to announce the addition of both Comcast Cable TV and Verizon Cable TV services.  These newest additions to our product line up will allow us to further expand our…

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CorelloHosting Provides up to 100 Gbps DDoS Protection


In 2016 DDoS attacks targeted at CorelloHosting’s network and dedicated servers, have increased as much as 27%. To protect our hosting customers, we are announcing support for a vital feature: protection for up to 100 Gbps DDoS attacks. The importance of DDoS protection cannot be…

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