IPv6 Setup | Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers

IPv6 Setup | Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers

IPv6 Tutorial – Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers

There’s no getting around it: IPv6 is the way of the future. There are no more unique IPv4 addresses remaining and in fact, there are many benefits to upgrading to IPv6. If you’re using CorelloHosting, you likely have both IPv4 and IPv6 blocks registered to your server.

In this IPv6 tutorial, we’ll go through the steps to set up your dedicated server, whether Windows or Linux based, to use those new IPv6 addresses.



How to setup IPv6 on Windows Server

1) Log in to the Windows server with administrator rights

2) Click on Start > Network > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Setting

3) Right-click on the Local Area Connection of the network adapter and choose Properties

4) Highlight Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on Properties

5) Click on “Use the following IPv6 address” and in the IPv6 Address field, type in the IP address you have been assigned by our team

6) Press the Tab key and it’ll automatically populate the Subnet prefix length to 64

7) Press the Tab key and in the Default Gateway field, type in the IP of the Gateway

8) For Preferred DNS Server, type in the IP address of your DNS server

9) Click OK to close and save

How to setup IPv6 on Debian

If you already have native connectivity, Debian should pick it up automatically from router advertisements, and generate addresses for you. You can also use the static method in /etc/network/interfaces to set up addresses manually.

If your router doesn’t have advertisements, you may want to try to bring IPv6 manually with the following command:

ip -6 addr add 2002:c000:203::1/64 dev eth0

To verify that IPv6 is working, try pinging:

ping6 -n

For a complete guide on Debian IPv6 setup, check out the Debian Wiki.

How to setup IPv6 on CentOS

IPv6 setup on CentOS simply involves the editing of a few files.

1) Open /etc/sysconfig/network file, enter:

vi /etc/sysconfig/network

Append following line:


2) Open the network interface file

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Append following config directives for IPv6:




3) Save and close the file. Restart networking:

service network restart

Verify your configuration by pinging ipv6 enabled site such as


Get IPv6 Now!

There’s no reason to drag it out. IPv6 is happening so switch when you have time to avoid a headache later.

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What to Look for in Your Server’s Data Center

What to Look for in Your Server’s Data Center

When selecting a hosting company, it’s important to look beyond the specs of the server itself. In fact, one could argue that a dedicated server is only as good as the data center through which it is hosted. Specifically, a data center refers to the physical location where your server and all of its equipment is kept. If you’re looking for a great dedicated server, there are some specific things to look for when it comes to the quality of the data center as well.




Start by looking at the data center locations available through your hosting company. The closer your server is located to you and the primary users of the server itself (or the visitors of your site), the lower the latency (lag) you’ll experience. This may mean faster page loading times for your site visitors and therefore a better overall user experience.

Ideally, you’ll be able to find a hosting company with several data center locations available so you can choose a server in the location that works best for your needs.

Security features

There is no overstating the importance of choosing a hosting company with lots of security features in place inside its data centers. So what kinds of specific security features should you be looking for? At the very least, data centers should be staffed by security professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ideally, there will also be ongoing video surveillance, as well as restricted access throughout the building. This will help give you added peace of mind, knowing your server and its data is safe.


You’ll also want to look for data center redundancies when looking for a data center for your next dedicated server. These redundancies should help to ensure that your server experiences as little downtime and has few technical issues as possible. For example, any reputable data center should have power backups (such as generators) to avoid electricity outages, as well as redundancies in place for temperature control, so your server never overheats.

The CorelloHosting difference

At CorelloNetworks, we have several different data centers located across the world so you can select the location that is ideal for you. In addition to this, we also have around-the-clock security and other security features to protect your server and its sensitive data. And of course, redundancies such as power backups and cooling systems provide you with added peace of mind, along with our 100 percent power uptime service level agreement and other similar guarantees.

When you select your next dedicated server, make sure you’re also taking a look at the data center where it will be hosted. When you choose a dedicated server through CorelloHosting, you can always rest assured that you have redundancies, security and much more behind your server hardware. To find out more about our data centers and hosting options, contact our team today. We’d be happy to help you choose your ideal server.

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Top Reasons to Ditch Your Shared Hosting Service

Top Reasons to Ditch Your Shared Hosting Service

When you’re in need of hosting, whether it be for a website or any other purpose, having a quality server is a must. After all, the right server will help to minimize downtime and ensure your users have the best experience possible.

When it comes to hosting, there are two very common options to consider: You can either choose a shared hosting service (where you share your hosting with other users in exchange for a lower price), or you can opt for a dedicated server that’s all yours.

While a shared server can be cheaper than dedicated hosting, there are many potential drawbacks to a shared hosting service that you may want to avoid.

Your resources are limited

One of the biggest drawbacks to using a shared hosting service is that your resources will be much more limited; that’s because you’ll be sharing all your server’s resources (storage, RAM, processor speed, etc.) with the other users who are on your server. This could result in slower page load times and other issues with your user experience.

Your security might suffer

Another potential drawback to consider when it comes to having a shared server is your security. When you’re sharing all your resources with other people (and people you don’t know, at that), you could be putting your information at risk. More than likely, you will be at a greater risk of falling victim to a data breach or even a distributed denial of service attack when you’re on a shared server.

You can’t customize much

Another major disadvantage to being aware of when it comes to shared hosting is the lack of customization. When you select a shared server option, you’re pretty much at the mercy of what the hosting company has to offer, since you’ll be sharing your server with others. As a result, you’ll have generic settings and very little in the way of customization opportunities. You might not be able to provide your users with the tailored experience you desire.

What about dedicated hosting?

With all of these potential drawbacks in mind, it may be worth second-guessing any decision you may have made in favor of a shared server. For many, the drawbacks simply aren’t going to be worth the slight cost savings.

Believe it or not, you may not have to spend much more money to purchase a dedicated server instead. By shopping around and choosing the right hosting company for your needs, you can get the best value for your money and still end up with a dedicated server that you don’t have to share with others.

Shared hosting and dedicated hosting are two common options when it comes to obtaining a server for a website or other purpose. Just be sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. And if you’re looking for a great deal on a dedicated server, check out CorelloHosting today.

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Climate Control in Data Centers: Why It Matters

Climate Control in Data Centers: Why It Matters

When shopping for a dedicated server, it’s important to gather as much information not just about the server specs themselves, but about the data center where your server will be located. After all, even quality server hardware can suffer from poor performance if it’s kept in a data center without proper ventilation and climate control. This is especially true in warmer and more humid climates. By having a better understanding of the importance of climate control in server data centers, you can make an informed decision when it comes to your next dedicated server purchase.

Humidity Control

Humidity control is a vital aspect of climate control. When temperatures get too high and moisture content becomes elevated, this can be a recipe for disaster in a dedicated server bay. The more moisture and humidity in the air, the greater the chances that your server hardware could short out or be otherwise adversely affected by moisture. Over time, high moisture content can even lead to corrosion and rust in your server hardware, putting you at risk of unexpected downtime and other major problems. When a data center is climate controlled, you can rest assured that humidity levels are kept to an ideal level (usually around 50 percent), which will reduce the risk of your server’s hardware being damaged by moisture.

Temperature Control

In addition to humidity control, temperature control is extremely important when it comes to the performance of your dedicated server. Excessively high or low temperatures can cause your server to either overheat or slow down, which will obviously have an effect on performance. If you’re using your server to host a website, for example, you might find that your page loading times are slow or that users are experiencing other issues with accessing your site. When a data center is temperature controlled, you’ll never have to worry about extreme temperatures affecting your hardware and thus your performance.

CorelloHosting’s Data Centers

CorelloNetworks takes great pride in maintaining our data centers meticulously. Our data centers are located throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia and all of them are carefully climate controlled to maximize performance. Humidity levels are kept at ideal levels, and there are even backups and redundancies in place to ensure that temperatures are under control at all times. This includes backup power generators for our HVAC systems in the event of a power outage. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that your server hardware has optimized performance by being in the ideal environment. All of this, in addition to our 24/7 security at our data center locations, means you can trust us with your hosting needs.

Don’t overlook the importance of climate control when it comes to your dedicated server. To find out more about our data centers or to inquire about a dedicated server that will suit your needs, reach out to our team today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you set up with a new server.

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CorelloNetworks now offers Comcast and Verizon Cable TV services.

CorelloNetworks now offers Comcast and Verizon Cable TV services.

CorelloHosting is proud to announce the addition of both Comcast Cable TV and Verizon Cable TV services.  These newest additions to our product line up will allow us to further expand our service offerings to new markets. You will have access to the full channel line-up that these providers have to offer. Comcast and Verizon services can be ordered for our Datacenter locations directly from Comcast and Verizon.

Who needs cable TV service to their cabinet you might ask?

Example of both Comcast and Verizon going to a single rack

That’s a good question… You may be surprised by how many organizations benefit from having access to both Comcast and Verizon broadcast TV services. Some organizations will use the service for content auditing, advertising & demographic research, and as simple a local signal re-broadcasting.

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CorelloHosting Develops Native Defense Against Security Flaws

CorelloHosting Develops Native Defense Against Security Flaws

With cyber security threats on the rise, CorelloHositng has released a feature that will notify administrators about known vulnerabilities on their dedicated servers. The feature is built into the customer panel and will list threats on an IP with associated risk level and vulnerability details. Security alerts also present details on how to resolve the issues.

The security scanner works pro-actively against the many known vulnerabilities that appear every single day on the internet. There is no need to install or purchase a separate service to identify vulnerabilities. This feature is not just a tool, but a native defense that will automatically detect possible vulnerable points such as open network ports, overdue operating systems patches, flaws in applications and installed software.

Any type of service can benefit from scanning their network, whether it’s a cloud model, game servers or a database. Ultimately preventing attacks and intrusions on the network with a simple scan.

“Our customers already know how important network security is to their businesses,” said Kareem Stephenson, Founder, and CEO of CorelloHosting. “Our security scanner simplifies the overwhelming amount of patches and denial-of-service issues out there. We’re not just providing a tool but a constant reminder that we are thinking about their security too.”

CorelloHosting has grown in the hosting industry for almost 20 years. We currently provide dedicated hosting solutions, alongside in-house DDoS protection and a wide array of security and automation features. Our multiple locations – in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and the New York City metro area – are staffed 24 hours a day by a team of professional technicians.

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CorelloHosting Becomes One of First Dedicated Hosts to Offer New Xeon Platinum 8160

CorelloHosting Becomes One of First Dedicated Hosts to Offer New Xeon Platinum 8160

CorelloHosting has become one of the world’s first dedicated hosting companies to deploy and offer servers based on Intel’s brand-new Xeon Silver & Xeon Platinum processors. With every server including best-in-class distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) protection at no charge, the new Xeon Silver & Xeon Platinum-based servers are available now at the company’s top-tier data centers in the Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. With a standard 100% uptime service level agreement and a network blend of premium carriers, CorelloHosting focuses on providing the most reliable possible service to every client at attractive prices.

“We’re happy to report that we have started offering dedicated servers with the new Xeon Silver & Xeon Platinum processors,” CorelloHosting CEO and founder Kareem Stephenson said, “This new generation of Xeons represents a real leap over all successful prior Xeon Series processors family, with some attractive new virtualization-related features, higher maximum core and thread counts, and boosted memory throughput, as well. We’re proud to be among the first to put these new CPUs into service, and we think many of our clients are going to benefit greatly from this.”

Intel’s long-running Xeon family of processors is designed, in contrast to its end-user-directed Celeron, Pentium, and Core CPUs, to power data center-based servers and other computers tasked with staying online and responsive no matter what happens. As such, the processors of the Xeon line typically follow the company’s other offerings in certain respects, as they are put through even more rigorous testing and certification before being judged fit for market.

At the end of March, Intel unveiled the latest members of the Xeon line in the form of a fourth generation of the E5 family. Making use of their 14 nanometer lithography process for the first time in E5 line, the new CPUs also include innovative power-saving features that further improve their energy efficiency.

On the performance front, the new Xeons are just as promising, with up to 22 cores per processor now hosting as many as 44 hardware threads, an improvement of over 20% compared to the previous generation. With memory performance also having been upgraded by over 10% and new virtualization and security features likewise attracting attention, the new E5 v4 is already regarded as one of the more compelling Xeon launches of recent years.

CorelloHosting customers can now configure their own Intel Xeon server, choosing from the new Xeon Silver & Xeon Platinum processors or any of a number of other attractive options. With a profound commitment to reliability and uncompromising availability, CorelloHosting offers free, standard DDoS protection, a 100% service level agreement, and a strategic, high-performing network connectivity blend.


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Auto-OS Installer First Step to Bigger Projects

Auto-OS Installer First Step to Bigger Projects

We are excited to announce a feature that our development team has worked very hard to produce: an Automatic Operating System Installer. Our dedicated hosting customers will now be able to re-install the operating system on their dedicated server at their convenience.

Our technicians spent a good amount of time re-installing OS’s for customers and sometimes it required that customers wait for other tasks to be completed. With automatic OS installs available to customers, we can reduce costs and reassign data center technician to other types of work. These costs will be passed down to customers in many ways, as automation typically shows.

Customers don’t have to open a support ticket and will find the “Re-install OS (beta)” function under the OS and Login credentials. This is the most recent of several projects to make unmanaged hosting easier, including our hosting API, a hardware health feature, and a security vulnerabilities scanner.

Developing this tool took some time, but it was very important to CorelloHosting. It’s part of our larger goal to provide instant provisioning.

“We are one step closer to a future of automated hosting tasks, including instant provisioning,” said Kareem Stephenson, Founder, and CEO of CorelloHosting. “This feature gives our staff a chance to handle higher-level tasks and our customers the ability to control their hosting experience.”

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CorelloHosting Expands Global Network with 2nd Data Center in Los Angeles

CorelloHosting Expands Global Network with 2nd Data Center in Los Angeles

Dedicated hosting provider CorelloHosting expands its hosting reach with another data center in Los Angeles, California. It is the company’s ninth data center in the United States.

CorelloHositng’s decision to expand in Los Angeles was made to fill a need for dedicated servers on the U.S. West Coast. Los Angeles is a well-known hub for the hosting market, as it offers direct connectivity and low latency to many areas of the world. In addition to expanding hosting in the U.S., this location will provide reliable routes between the U.S. and countries in the Asia-Pacific area, including China and Australia.

“We are happy to announce that CorelloHosting is expanding to another data center that has always been in demand for our customers,” said Kareem Stephenson, Founder and CEO of CorelloNetworks. “We look forward to offering our premium network and respected service in more places than ever.”


CorelloHosting dedicated hosting customers and resellers at any location have access to the company’s unique “rapid deploy” servers, which are pre-configured bare metal servers that allow growth similar to that of a cloud environment without the limitations of the cloud. Rapid deploy servers are perfect for those who need a quick setup and all of the resources of a dedicated server.

Also available is industry-leading “DDoS protection for all” – 20 Gbps included for all dedicated hosting accounts, and upgraded to 100+ Gbps on demand. This places customer uptime numbers high above its competitors.

CorelloHosting has one of the most active and fastest growing dedicated server reseller programs in the hosting industry. It offers incredible ease of use through an extensive API and third-party billing system integration. All of these benefits allow resellers to take advantage of CorelloHosting’s new locations or products through their own brand the moment they are available.

The Tier III data center in Los Angeles provides high-tech physical security, redundant power sources, and a 100% uptime SLA. CorelloHosting promises low latency, premium carriers and an on-site support team of experienced technicians at all of its data centers. The Los Angeles data center follows Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and the New York City metro area, to continue more than 15 years of exceptionally dedicated hosting globally.

Find out more on

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Hardware Monitoring to Reduce Server Downtime

Hardware Monitoring to Reduce Server Downtime

CorelloHosting introduces pro-active hardware monitoring that will prevent the loss of three things vital to a business: data, revenue, and reputation.

The hardware monitoring is available for all dedicated servers in CorelloHosting’s data centers. It will significantly reduce downtime caused by dedicated server hardware issues. The time between when a dedicated server begins to malfunction and when it’s detected is critical. CorelloHositng’s hardware monitor inspects the servers in its data centers for issues with the following: hard drives, SSDs, motherboards, network adapters, optimal system temperature and other abnormal system behavior.

It is a pro-active measure for CorelloHosting’s customers, which works by scanning through all IPMI logs and sensors to detect unusual hardware-related activity.

“We are happy to add another feature to our lineup,” said Donald Shaw, President of Datacenter Operations “This one will protect our vital infrastructure, and that of our dedicated hosting customers.”

Server hardware monitoring complements CorelloHosting’s other protective features, including our free DDoS protection and the network vulnerabilities scanner.

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