Hurricane Florence Special Weather Statement

Hurricane Florence Special Weather Statement relating to CorelloNetworks Customers.

Is your website secure? Google will be the judge

When browsing the internet, how often do you check the security of the website you are using? Submitting your information to an insecure website, or sometimes just clicking on one, increases the risk of your data being compromised by a…

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Top Reasons to Ditch Your Shared Hosting Service

When you’re in need of hosting, whether it be for a website or any other purpose, having a quality server is a must. After all, the right server will help to minimize downtime and ensure your users have the best…

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Climate Control in Data Centers: Why It Matters

When shopping for a dedicated server, it’s important to gather as much information not just about the server specs themselves, but about the data center where your server will be located. After all, even quality server hardware can suffer from poor…

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CorelloHosting Upgrades Network, Increases DDoS Protection

CorelloHosting has completed major changes to its network with the addition of Telia Carrier and replacement of network hardware. We will also now offer a standard 20 Gbps of DDoS protection to all of its dedicated server customers. The addition of Telia…

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CorelloHosting Becomes One of First Dedicated Hosts to Offer New Xeon Platinum 8160

CorelloHosting has become one of the world’s first dedicated hosting companies to deploy and offer servers based on Intel’s brand-new Xeon Silver & Xeon Platinum processors. With every server including best-in-class distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) protection at no charge, the new Xeon Silver &…

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Auto-OS Installer First Step to Bigger Projects

We are excited to announce a feature that our development team has worked very hard to produce: an Automatic Operating System Installer. Our dedicated hosting customers will now be able to re-install the operating system on their dedicated server at…

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CorelloHosting Expands Global Network with 2nd Data Center in Los Angeles

Dedicated hosting provider CorelloHosting expands its hosting reach with another data center in Los Angeles, California. It is the company’s ninth data center in the United States. CorelloHositng’s decision to expand in Los Angeles was made to fill a need for dedicated…

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CorelloHosting Sponsors Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt

We’re proud to announce that CorelloHosting is an early sponsor of the free certificate authority, Let’s Encrypt, to support the ongoing issue of internet security. Secure web browsing and hosting is an ongoing challenge in the hosting industry but one with solutions. Although…

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