How do I configure email on my iPhone using Outlook?

This guide will provide you with detailed instructions to configure your CorelloHosting email account on your iPhone using Outlook.

We will start by opening your Microsoft Outlook application


Next, let’s get started, click ‘Get Started


Now click on ‘Notify Me


Here you will need to click on ‘Allow‘ to allow the app to send you notifications when you receive an email


Enter your email address for the account you want to add and click on ‘Add Account


Choose the option for manual set up by clicking ‘Setup Account Manually


Now click on  ‘IMAP‘ in the Advanced section at the bottom of your screen


Next you will need to enter the Password for your email account, followed by the Display Name, this is the name you would like displayed when you send an email, and the Description IG: Work, finally move the ‘Use Advanced Settings‘ slider to the right to turn them on and go to the next section


Next, we will add the details for your Incoming Mail server, and Outgoing Mail Server, now enter the details for your 

Incoming Mail Server as, next enter your 

Outgoing Mail Server details as and click ‘Sign In


You will now be given the option to add another account, or proceed to view your emails by clicking ‘Maybe Later


You will now be able to view your emails


Test your email, by sending an email using this link and you will receive an email back confirming that your account works.

If your email fails to send, or you do not receive an email back check out our email test page for tips here or review the steps you took above.