CorelloHosting Managed Dedicated now comes with Free cPanel Server Migration

Transferring data and switching providers can be a real pain. Some migrations involve days of downtime for your business, taking away from your profits. Luckily, CorelloHosting has you covered.

Corello’s talented support team has handled thousands of migrations both externally between hosts and internally between servers; rest easy knowing you’re trusting your migration to one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Whether you’re running a single VPS or multiple dedicated servers, we handle any request with ease and affordability for you and your clients.

Here’s All You Have To Do

For a smooth transfer, you need:

  • A valid cPanel license on the source server.
  • A valid username and password to all accounts being migrated and/or root access to the source server.
  • The free space needed for the backup creation, which may require 2 to 3 times the total disk space size your accounts are currently using.

Once you have an active package on Corello’s infrastructure, open a transfer request. And then you will be contacted by a transfer team member to create your customized plan to begin your migration with as little delay as possible.

To ensure the smoothest transition, we’ll inform you every step of the way, from start to completion, as well as a follow-up to confirm a successful transfer. If you have root access to your previous account (VPS or Dedicated Server), we can forward the DNS to minimize DNS propagation time once you update your nameservers.

For every migration, there is a corresponding ticket. You can either reply to the ticket with questions or contact us via phone or live chat and reference the Ticket ID to get a real-time update regarding your migration.

So the Transfer is Completely Free?

Yes! CorelloHosting provides FREE cPanel migration for all new accounts less than 30 days from sign-up date. Transfer requests submitted after this 30-day period are subject to the following transfer fees based on source account size:


That about does it. For any questions, don’t hesitate to open a live chat. If you are already a CorelloHosting client, but know someone looking for greener hosting pastures, send them your affiliate link to make up to $150 per referral.