CorelloHosting Develops Native Defense Against Security Flaws

With cyber security threats on the rise, CorelloHositng has released a feature that will notify administrators about known vulnerabilities on their dedicated servers. The feature is built into the customer panel and will list threats on an IP with associated risk level and vulnerability details. Security alerts also present details on how to resolve the issues.

The security scanner works pro-actively against the many known vulnerabilities that appear every single day on the internet. There is no need to install or purchase a separate service to identify vulnerabilities. This feature is not just a tool, but a native defense that will automatically detect possible vulnerable points such as open network ports, overdue operating systems patches, flaws in applications and installed software.

Any type of service can benefit from scanning their network, whether it’s a cloud model, game servers or a database. Ultimately preventing attacks and intrusions on the network with a simple scan.

“Our customers already know how important network security is to their businesses,” said Kareem Stephenson, Founder, and CEO of CorelloHosting. “Our security scanner simplifies the overwhelming amount of patches and denial-of-service issues out there. We’re not just providing a tool but a constant reminder that we are thinking about their security too.”

CorelloHosting has grown in the hosting industry for almost 20 years. We currently provide dedicated hosting solutions, alongside in-house DDoS protection and a wide array of security and automation features. Our multiple locations – in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and the New York City metro area – are staffed 24 hours a day by a team of professional technicians.