CorelloHosting Rapid Deploy Dedicated Servers Now Launched Within Minutes

To purchase a rapid deploy server, visit our Dedicated Servers or Rapid Deploy Servers pages, and select a configuration with a 20-minute setup.

A CorelloHosting Dedicated Server can now be in a customer’s control within 20 minutes, with a new rapid deploy system from the CorelloHosting hosting company.

Using automation technology developed in-house, CorelloHosting is offering pre-configured dedicated servers that will be available to customers with the requested operating system loaded. The rapid deploy servers will be sold in popular configurations, ranging from Quad Core to 44 Core servers. The servers are marked as having a 20 minute setup time, instead of the regular time. The availability of rapid deploy servers relies on CorelloHosting’s automation technology, which was first announced in March 2017. This feature is still available for customers who choose to custom configure their dedicated servers or reload it after purchase.

“Speed is essential to dedicated hosting, and the time it takes for a customer to receive their server is no exception,” said Kareem Stephenson, CEO and Founder of CorelloHosting. “Our earlier automation project was intended to be a stepping stone to rapid deploy servers.”

CorelloHositng’s rapid deploy servers are part of a larger effort to make bare metal servers as easy to deploy as the virtual cloud without the limitations of a shared virtual environment. This means that our dedicated servers include features such as a native hosting API, auto-operating system installer, and built-in scanners for hardware health and security vulnerabilities. We also offer DDoS protection standard with every server.

Since 2001, CorelloHosting has grown to provide unmanaged, enterprise-grade dedicated servers and fully-managed dedicated hosting in the Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and the New York City metro area. We offer 100% uptime SLAs and support staff who are on-site 24 hours a day.