CorelloHosting Hurricane Irma Special Weather Statement

CorelloHosting & CorelloNetworks Cable and Broadband is currently monitoring Hurricane Irma, and we are beginning preparations in order to minimize service disruptions to our customers in the event that this storm affects our service areas. Irma is forecasted to impact the continental United States in south Florida late this weekend, however, the exact track is very likely to change so we will continue to prepare in all our Southeast, and mid-Atlantic Datacenters, and closely monitor this dangerous storm. We are taking the following steps to minimize any potential service interruptions:

  1. Portable and backup generators are being secured in coastal areas, and being topped off with fuel supplies.
  2. Fuel, clean up equipment, and restoration supplies are beginning to be stockpiled.
  3. Additional field resources are on standby to conduct post-storm damage assessments and quickly begin restoration activities.
  4. Critical systems and infrastructure are being secured to withstand potential water and hurricane force wind damage in flood prone areas.

Customers can find important information and tips to prepare for a major storm by visiting the website, by clicking here.

What to expect following a major storm: 

In the event of a power outage or damage to our cable lines, high-speed data, video, and phone service may be interrupted. Immediately following the storm, we will have resources that will assess all of our cable lines, and begin work to restore services as quickly as possible.

Please note that following the storm, there may be instances where CorelloNetworks Cable & Broadband cable systems are functioning, however, customers could be without service due to commercial power outages. Please check with your local power company for electrical outages.

Customers should never attempt to climb poles or attempt repairs of downed cable lines as they risk severe injury or death, particularly since our cable lines often accompany electrical lines which carry high voltage. 

To contact us with additional questions, check outage status, or to report a downed line, customers can visit our website, download our CorelloConnect Mobile Care application from the Apple or Google Play Store, or call us via normal customer service numbers or via the emergency numbers provided within the Connect Mobile Care App

We will continue to provide periodic updates over the next few days, and our thoughts are with the communities that may be impacted by this storm.

Dedicated Server / Co-Location / VOIP/ VPS Servers / & Shared Hosting Customers

As you may have heard, Hurricane Irma is currently on track to affect Florida this weekend. As with all storms, CorelloHosting, Inc. has been working diligently to prepare ourselves for the heavy rains and the wind that a storm of this size entails.

Due to this ongoing situation, please request non-critical updates and report current issues before 9/9/17 or after 9/12/17. During this time, if you believe your server is inaccessible, read up on how our IPMI service may be able to help.

We will be staffed and available during the storm to handle any potential issues that arise, and have tested and verified all of our emergency infrastructures to ensure all services remain up and available. We have also made the requisite staffing changes to ensure that our support remains uninterrupted and available for all clients.

Depending on the severity of the storm, we may disable our phone systems to focus our support staff on tickets and live chats, but if we do so, such a change would be posted on all of our social media accounts, and a recording stating the reason placed on the phone system itself. In addition, while we will have staff available during the storm, priority will be placed on existing service requests and procedures, and any new orders/modifications may be delayed until after the storm has passed.


Miami Data Center Physical Infrastructure

CorelloHosting’s Miami enterprise data center CoreX-NOC features a building-within-a-building data center design which was created with Florida’s unique climate conditions in mind. The windowless, single-story building features concrete masonry perimeter walls powerful enough to withstand practically any storm. Both this data center and our local sales & management office will remain manned 24/7.

Two diesel generators, 500KW Caterpillar and 1250KW Katolight, are also on location in the unlikely event of complete power loss. These impressive generators hold up to 2700 gallons of diesel fuel so your server will stay online regardless.

Power Infrastructure Includes:

  • 1 X 500KW Caterpillar Diesel Generator
  • 1 X 1250KW Katolight Diesel Generator
  • 1 X 500KVA Powerware 9315 UPS
  • 1 X 480KVA Powerware 9390 UPS in a parallel N+1 configuration
  • 5 X Battery Strings (providing 15 minutes of runtime at full load)
  • 2,700 Gallons of fuel capacity for generators

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this weather event and hope that you have a great rest of your week.

CorelloNetworks Customer Service

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