Auto-OS Installer First Step to Bigger Projects

We are excited to announce a feature that our development team has worked very hard to produce: an Automatic Operating System Installer. Our dedicated hosting customers will now be able to re-install the operating system on their dedicated server at their convenience.

Our technicians spent a good amount of time re-installing OS’s for customers and sometimes it required that customers wait for other tasks to be completed. With automatic OS installs available to customers, we can reduce costs and reassign data center technician to other types of work. These costs will be passed down to customers in many ways, as automation typically shows.

Customers don’t have to open a support ticket and will find the “Re-install OS (beta)” function under the OS and Login credentials. This is the most recent of several projects to make unmanaged hosting easier, including our hosting API, a hardware health feature, and a security vulnerabilities scanner.

Developing this tool took some time, but it was very important to CorelloHosting. It’s part of our larger goal to provide instant provisioning.

“We are one step closer to a future of automated hosting tasks, including instant provisioning,” said Kareem Stephenson, Founder, and CEO of CorelloHosting. “This feature gives our staff a chance to handle higher-level tasks and our customers the ability to control their hosting experience.”